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Get Over A Breakup

If you're trying to get over a breakup you may feel overwhelmed with grief. How do you stop the cycle of depression and move forward?

Breakups and separations are incredibly stressful. They are meaningful events with lingering emotions you'll carry with you for years unless you address them now.

A Time To Grieve

A breakup isn't just the loss of your boyfriend or girlfriend. You lose your friend, someone you trust, the person you most want to be with every single day. The loneliness you feel when all that is taken away, is real.

You're not overreacting. It's important to understand that however deep your sadness is, your hurt, or anger is a normal experience for you. Don't let someone tell you you're overreacting.

What you feel is unique to you so don't hide from it. And that's an important step to moving forward.

People that allow the grieving process to play out, heal emotionally more effectively then people that bottle it up. So if you need to cry, or listen to sad songs, or watch a sad movie it's okay.

Do what you need to do to move through the process. It's also important to remember that your subconscious will reach a point where you need to move forward.

The grieving period will end and you'll need to force yourself into a new healthier habit cycle.

Moving Forward

This is the hard part. You've gone through several days, sometimes weeks, of feeling sad. You've cried or talked to your friends about the breakup numerous times.

It's time to stop grieving. You know it is, your friends and family know it is. But how do you do it?

Healing, like most things in life is a process. It takes multiple steps to make long lasting changes. The most important thing for you to do, is start the process.

You can choose whatever you are most comfortable with. Go out to see a movie with friends, or join in on a family event. Do something you enjoy like a hobby.

But start the process. Take that first step in the right direction, and move forward. It is hard to face the world when all you want to do is stay home in bed.

Force yourself to heal. Get up, get dressed and tell yourself "today I move forward".

Can The Relationship Be Saved?

It isn't until you've passed through the grieving stage, and started to pick yourself back up from your breakup depression that you can take an objective look at the relationship.

Did you want to save the relationship when you were a puddle of sadness? Of course you did, but you wouldn't have been able to answer the tough questions objectively.

The longer you were together the more likely you are to reconcile. It's just the way we are. Our behavior dictates what we're more likely to do. And if you've been in a relationship for more than six months you're more likely to give it another chance.

If you're trying to get over a breakup, but still believe your relationship is worth saving the magic of making up can help. It shows you how to fix communication issues, solve relationship problems and get back together.

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