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Get Back Your Ex After A Breakup

To get back your ex after a breakup you have to avoid common but disastrous mistakes and follow a proven path to success. Some mistakes are easily corrected, then there are the big perception changing mistakes that take time and effort to correct.

Don't Smother Your Ex

Out of all the most common mistakes after a breakup this one is the most sneaky, and also what most are guilty of committing. The problem is that it isn't always obvious.

In most cases you don't even know you're doing it. In your mind, you're just "trying" and there's nothing wrong with that, right?

I know you want your ex to realize how important the relationship is, and that you're still interested in reconciling but there's a line that you need to tread lightly. It's very easy to cross over from wanting to show interest to pushing your ex away.

If you're guilty of calling, or texting too much it's important to acknowledge this so you can move forward. Other forms of smothering are talking to their friends and family, and showing up at their place of work.

Don't Beg To Reconcile

Sometimes begging is pretty obvious, because you'll hear yourself literally saying you'll do anything. Then there are other forms of begging that are more subtle but just as problematic.

Offering yourself intimately, is a horrible idea. You want affection, and you probably think if you once again share intimacy it will solve the issues but it won't.

It will make it worse. You won't be viewed as part of a relationship anymore, you'll just be there for gratification whenever they want. And that's part of the problem with begging, it gives them all the leverage.

They feel as though they wield the power of your affection, and can do as they please. To get them back you need to alter their perception so they're more afraid of losing what was once a great relationship for them.

Begging, while offering short term progress, is counterproductive to a long term lasting reconciliation.

Remove Tension To Move Forward

To get back your ex, and keep them you have to wipe the slate clean so to speak. There were obviously things done to cause the breakup and then there are all the things you've said since that has caused further problems.

While you can't erase the pain and emotion with mistakes, you can remove the tension associated with them. The first step in every reconciliation, believe it or not is to accept the breakup.

Not only do you need to accept it, but you need to convey your acceptance to your ex. I know it sounds crazy, but it's a proven form of persuasion.

You lower their guard, remove the tension, and setup a more positive encounter on subsequent conversations. That's when you start talking about getting back together.

After the tension is gone, not before.

If you want to get back your ex but don't know what to do the magic of making up provides a proven plan to save your relationship.

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