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The Five Stages Of Grief After A Breakup

Depression and grief have been studied and written about for decades with a distinct and noticeable pattern most people will follow. In the weeks and months following a breakup you'll find yourself angry, depressed, and begging for a second chance.

Understanding your emotions and the stage of grief you're currently in, will help calm your emotions and constructively work towards a solution.


"This isn't happening". A flat out denial that a breakup is even a possibility is the first stage of the breakup. You will try to convince yourself that the real, deep problems with the relationship are only temporary.

It's not uncommon for someone to tell their boyfriend or girlfriend, that they won't let them end the relationship.


Once the reality of the breakup finally sets in, you'll begin to bargain asking for another chance. You may do this verbally, or offer yourself an internal bargain. "If I get another chance, I'll never do this again". Whether you say this to yourself or your spouse, you're in the bargaining stage.


You'll soon realize that bargaining isn't how relationships are repaired long term, and you'll be flooded with the emotions of reality. You'll feel sad, alone, and often desperate for a solution.


The next stage often complicates the possible reconciliation but is a necessary stage to healing. You'll begin to resent your ex for leaving you, for not trying to save the relationship. You'll want to lash out, and make your anger known often leading to an ugly public confrontation.


The final stage will eventually arrive. Some get there faster than others, but everyone will finally accept that the breakup happened and begin searching for a rational solution to save the relationship.

Trying to reconcile in the early stages of grief creates further problems to solve because you'll act and speak in an emotional state.

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