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I'm Feeling Depressed After My Breakup

Overcoming depression after a breakup can be a difficult challenge for some. You're faced with the loss of a close companion, then the added rejection when trying to reconcile.

If you're feeling depressed and it's interfering with your daily activities the following tips can help you cope and ease some of your anxiety.

Write About Your Thoughts

Most will shy away from this activity, especially men. It's important to note that it's not the actual words you use, or how much you write that helps ease your depression.

When you write down your problems and thoughts it gives you the opportunity to rationalize what's really happening. You see the problems on paper, right in front of you.

It allows you to confront the emotions attached to the problems, which is the first step to healing your pain.

You don't have to show it to anybody, and no one expects it to be poetic. It doesn't even have to make sense. It could be fragmented gibberish, but your subconscious knows what it means. The more you face your emotions, the less intense they become.

Talk To One Of Your Friends

Again, it's not important to "solve" your problems. You don't need to find an all knowing sage to attain comfort. It's the talking that's therapeutic.

Hearing your emotions and problems out loud will help you identify with the problems allowing your subconscious to rationalize what you're feeling.

But, don't pick ANY friend. Find one you consider to be the best listener. You don't need a problem solver for this exercise. You need someone that will sit in front of you for twenty minutes and listen without judging or interrupting.

More helpful tips to deal with feeling depressed after a breakup can be found in the full version of Magic Of Making Up.

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