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Does Your Ex Hate You After A Breakup?

There are things that went wrong during your relationship that led to the breakup. You said and did things that have caused tension, they did things that caused problems. There's blame on both sides.

So immediately after a breakup there's already a build up of tension.

In the ensuing weeks after a breakup, in an effort to get back together, you've most likely made further mistakes that have just escalated the situation.

Again, it wasn't intentional. You're not trying to upset them. Calling too much, showing up unanounced, lying to them in an attempt to get their attention -- all those things damage the relationship further.

You have the problems before the breakup. Compounded by the mistakes after the breakup.

All that negativity leads to the belief that your ex may hate you.

They don't.

Their passion is definitely not positive right now, but it's not hate. They may even try to tell themselves they hate you, but they don't.

Often the reason passion will turn bitter so quickly, why they're so angry with you or themselves is because do care so much. They're trying to create distance in your relationship. They're protecting their feelings with anger.

But the anger isn't geniune, it's just a defense mechanism so when that emotion resolves itself they "see the light". That's the window to get back together.

The important thing to remember if you feel strong negativity from you ex is not to throw fuel on the fire. They're looking for reasons to create more distance, more reasons to convince themselves that they "hate you". Don't give them any.

Follow the outlined steps in the Magic Of Making Up and you'll sidestep their anger, and rebuild your relationship through positive actions.

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