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Does My Ex Want To Get Back With Me? How To Tell

Is there still hope? How do you know your ex has genuine intentions to get back together? There are positive signs of hope and there are signs of a pending reconciliation, but they aren't always the same.

Flirting, talking about the past, being affectionate always gets you thinking about getting back together but you should be careful not to jump to conclusions.

You need answers not games. You want to know "does my ex want to get back with me"?

Flirting is a common sign of interest. So, what do you do? Flirt with them. Play with them. But DON'T press to get back together. They may just be testing the waters.

Maybe they want to know if you still care. Whatever the reason, flirting almost never means they want to get back together.

Flirting isn't an emotion. It's an action.

Always remember the difference. The best course of action is to play a little hard to get. Let them know, if they want your affection they'll have to earn it back. If you come running every time they call they'll lose interest very fast. No more flirting, no more playing -- they've lost interest.

There is always a lingering attachment after a breakup. Especially if you were together for a long relationship (over a year). The memories, the feeling don't fade overnight.

So even if they don't show it, they still care. They still harbor thoughts of you. Your ex also wrestles with the question, "does my ex want to get back with me"?

The best course of action when talking to an ex is to protect your feelings. Don't let them break your heart again. It's a cruel possibility but they could be playing with your emotions. Maybe the breakup was bitter and they're using this as a way to get even. Lead you on, then drop you cold.

Don't move to fast and worry about you and your heart first.

You'll know their true intentions when the game stops. When you stop flirting and start talking. A sincere conversation about what went wrong, and how things could be different. Let yourselves become friends again. The worst thing you could do is jump back into bed together.

Wanting to rekindle a relationship is a common reaction and everyone asks themselves, "does my ex want to get back with me?"

The hardest part of this scenario is separating reality from what you want emotionally.

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