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Dating Others While Separated

There are different reasons people have for dating while separated. Maybe you want to explore your options, or maybe you want to make your ex jealous.

Whatever the reason is, if your ultimate goal is to get back together you'll want to consider how your ex will react to your dating.

You should also be in firm control of your decision making. You're in a vulnerable emotional state and a night of love making may seem like it will ease the lonliness.

But that momentary lapse of judgement could derail the relationship you hope to mend. It's not uncommon to reconcile, only to breakup after your ex learns you had sex while separated.

It may not sound reasonable. You were separated at the time, but it will usually bring into question your committment to the relationship.

When in doubt, play it safe and avoid sex with new partners.

If you're going on a date hoping to make your ex jealous you'll want to be careful not to bring it to their attention in a dramatic fashion.

The "look at me" tactic doesn't work. It will just make you look desperate for their attention.

If you want your ex to know about your dates, find a way for them to discover the information on their own or through a mutual friend.

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