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How To Change Your Ex's Mind After A Breakup

Immediately after a breakup you start thinking of ways to change your ex's mind. You want to "convince" them to give your relationship another chance.

The problem with that mind set is you approach the breakup from a confrontational stance. Your goal is to "change" their decision. This is truly your ultimate desire but it sets up an impending argument.

"I'm right, you're wrong." Not the best way to win your ex back.

Instead of thinking of your breakup as a decision you need to change, focus on persuading your ex to make a new decision. Instead of trying to get your ex to say, "I was wrong about the breakup, let's get back together."

Persuade them to think, "My life would be better if we got back together". Can you see the subtle difference?

It's a positive outlook, and it's framed in a way that makes it seem like it was your ex's decision to get back together. Not yours.

Persuasion is an indirect tactic to get what you want. Instead of using language that your ex interprets as a "you're wrong" statement, you do and say things to trigger a positive response.

You can't convince them to directly change their mind. Trying to convince them they made a bad decision isn't going to work. Persuade them, in a very subtle way, that they'll be happier if you're together.

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