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Can I Save My Relationship?

Can I save my relationship if my ex doesn't want to get back together? What if we haven't spoken in months or even years? All breakups are different, but the way people react to situations can become very predictable.

If My Ex Doesn't Want To

How can you save a relationship when it feels like your ex doesn't want that to happen? After a breakup, or even a heated argument, there's this imaginary brick wall that goes up that halts all progress. Why does that happen, and why has your ex turned their back to you?

Most of the time it's a defense mechanism to keep you at a distance. Something that is hard for most people to realize is that your ex will bring that wall down all by themself if you let them. It's when you try to force your way in, that the wall gets bigger and stronger.

Does it feel like the harder you try, the worse it gets? Instead of trying to tear down the brick wall, you have to take the proper steps that enables your ex to initiate communication all on their own.

If We Don't Talk Anymore

Some breakups result in long stretches without communication that leaves this icy chill on your relationship. You may feel isolated without really understanding where the relationship stands or the true feelings your ex has right now.

Whatever you do, make sure any and all communication is positive. If it's just a brief encounter at the mall, maybe an email or a quick phone conversation. You don't want to remind your ex of all the negative feelings they had about the relationship.

A good rule is to keep all forms of communication as short as possible, and under no circumstances should you bring up the subject of "getting back together". /p>

It's way too soon, and will put them on the defensive again. If you follow the right steps, your ex will initiate contact and ask you to come back.

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