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The Biggest Mistake Men Make After A Breakup

After your girlfriend breaks up with you, there is a lack of understanding behind the decision. Let's be honest, men aren't the most perceptive beings to walk the earth.

If you were blindsided, and didn't see the breakup coming -- not only do you not know the reason for your breakup, but you also don't know what to do next.

When there's a lack of understanding it often leads to mistakes because you don't know what your ex wants to hear.

What's the biggest mistake men make? It comes in many forms, but in general the biggest mistake men make is...


Maybe you saw it in a movie, where the guy just got down on his knees and groveled to prove how much he needed his girl. Does your ex need to hear you're sorry? Yes. But there is a fine line between apologizing and begging.

How can you tell the difference? When you know what you're apologizing for, you can most likely avoid begging. When you make a wide sweeping "I'm Sorry. Please take me back" you're approaching begging.

For example. If you can identify with how your mistake made HER feel, you're apology will come across as sincere. She needs to know that you understand and have given thought to your mistake.

When all you can say is, "Tell me what I did, and I'll fix it". She'll shut you down in a heartbeat. You don't know what you did, why you're sorry, and can't guarantee that you'll never do it again.

In most cases, if she has to tell you why you're sorry, then the apology would be meaningless anyway.

So before you get down on your knees and consider groveling, try to understand why you're sorry. How it effected her, and what she needs to hear to feel comforted. Taking her perspective instead of yours will have a more lasting and positive effect.

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