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The Biggest Mistake After A Breakup

There are tiny mistakes that add up to long term problems and there are massive mistakes that create an immediate impact.

So what's the biggest mistake you can make after a breakup?


Plain and simple. It creates so many problems. When you're separated there are underlying issues that need to be resolved.

When you lie to your ex, even if it's a simple insignificant lie, it undermines your entire effort to reconcile.

Your ex is looking for reasons to justify the breakup. So don't give them the chance to label you as a liar.

They'll start to question everything you say and do. Sometimes it's the repeated small lies that do the most damage.


Because it establishes a consistent pattern your ex uses to form an opinion of you.

So make a conscious effort to be as honest as possible immediately following a breakup. There will come a time when it's okay to bend the honesty rule. There's more about that tactic in the full version of the Magic Of Making Up.

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