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Avoiding Depression After A Breakup

It's an emotional mess right now, and you're bound to question your worth is some sense. Everyone does it.

Why do my relationships always end in bad breakups?
Is there something wrong with me?
Am I not a good partner?
Will I ever be happy?

It's usually an internal struggle, and you may not even be aware that it's happening. You could be punishing yourself without even realizing it. Maybe your attitude has become more negative in the past few weeks or maybe you've decided to spend all your time alone.

The first step to avoiding a deep depression after a breakup is understanding that you deserve to be happy.

You do. Everyone does.

The next step is to identify any activities that are self defeating. When you over indulge in a particular activity it usually compounds your depression after a few days.

You let yourself eat a tub of chocolate ice cream, because you think it eases your pain. But you're actually setting yourself up for further depression once the 5-10 pounds of extra weight starts to show.

It isn't a natural instinct when you're depressed. What you want more than anything is to be alone. To feel sad. You have to force yourself to engage in positive activities.

Go out with your friends. Even if you don't think you'll have a good time, go anyway.

You know why? Because there will be a brief moment when you forget how sad you are. You'll get a taste of normal again. Once you're re-introduced to positive feelings you'll start to crave more.

Do things that make you happy, that you truly enjoy. Avoid temporary relief, eating too much, drinking, gambling -- or anything that has consequences down the line.

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