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Are There Tricks To Get An Ex Back?

Can you trick an ex back? Yes, you can. But would you want to?

When you trick someone you're just deceiving them to get back together. They may come back, but they'll eventually realize they were tricked which often leads to a larger conflict.

A common "trick" is an illness, emergency, or pregnancy. They have a connection with you and this type of scenario will trigger a short term response to help you. So, you'll get there attention and affection to return but with very large consequences to come.

You may think, the important thing is to get them back into your life. Once they're back you can convince them to stay. But it rarely works out that way. They'll feel deceived and manipulated once they realize the truth.

Once they realize the reason they were drawn back to you was because they were deceived, it could lead to a harsh backlash.

So try not to think in terms of deceiving your ex. Think in terms of guiding their decision. Subtly influencing their behavior. You want your ex to feel in control of their decisions. If you follow the plan in the Magic Of Making Up your ex will feel like it was THEIR decision to get back together.

Because it feels like it's their decision there's no backlash. You aren't going to create a false scenario that sends them rushing back to you in a panic.

The guide helps you influence their decision so they want to get back together with you.

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