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Advice On Getting Your Boyfriend Back

What's the best advice on getting your boyfriend back? Well, first don't beg or lie to him because that won't get him to come back. Below are two very important tips to save your relationship.

What Won't Get Your Boyfriend Back

Begging. It's a very natural response to think it's your fault, which then requires an apology. It's an impulse that every civilized person has been taught. If you were wrong, you should say you're sorry. The problem with that logic, is that most breakups aren't caused by you being wrong. It's the result in a change of perception.

If your boyfriend wants to leave because he "believes" the relationship is not worth saving, can you apologize for his change in perception. No. You need to address what he thinks has changed, instead of begging for another chance.

Deceiving. You can't trick him into coming back. Well, technically you can, but it will be an ugly realization if you've lied to him. You don't need to lie to him, but you do want to influence his thought process.

What Will Get Your Boyfriend Back

Persuasion. There are trigger words and behavior that influence everyone. You don't even realize it happens because it's the way we've been trained. For example, if you want someone to give you a gift for Christmas do you know the best way to persuade them? It's not by asking.

You persuade that behavior by giving them a gift first. They then feel obligated to return your gesture. It's trained behavior. You want to approach your breakup the same way. Use trained behavior and trigger phrases to guide your boyfriend back to the relationship.

You aren't lying or tricking. You're using human behavior to persuade your boyfriend to give the relationship another chance. Don't forget, it's easy to persuade someone to come back, but you need to solve your problems to get them to stay.

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