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Advice For Men After Cheating

Cheating is one of the most common reasons for a separation. Although it hurts the relationship on multiple levels, it isn't always enough to end your relationship forever. Below is some advice for men after cheating.

Accept Your Place In The Dog House

You did something that has severely damaged your relationship and there are obviously consequences. One of those consequences is the constant reminder of your error.

Your girlfriend will throw your mistake in your face for every subsequent error immediately after cheating. If you want your relationship to endure, you have to take the punishment without fighting back.

Men often get frustrated and will actually say something along the lines of "I made a mistake, when will you let it go?". The answer is never. The pain and mistrust will ease but the feeling of betrayal will always exist. It just gets less painful as the years pass.

You have to accept your girlfriend's wrath, because it's part of the healing process. Venting is part of how we dissipate anger. When you ask or expect her not to reveal her true anger it gets bottled up and then one day that anger will explode.

Say you're sorry, and you'll never do it again. And you better be sincere. Then you have to take the punishment of being reminded of your mistake, because she has the right to be upset.

The anger and criticism will start to fade, but it will be on her terms and not yours. Don't just say you're sorry, show her you truly identify with how she's hurting. Her realizing that you understand how much you've hurt her is also part of the healing process.

No Contact With The Other Woman

One final bit of advice is that under no circumstances are you to have contact with the other woman. If you want your relationship to last, the other woman should not even exist in your mind.

The slightest slip up... a friendly email or a brief encounter can send your girlfriend into a jealous rage that can end your relationship forever.

More helpful advice for men who have cheated can be found in the full version of the Magic Of Making Up.

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