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3 Tips After A Bad Breakup

Don't Bombard Them With Messages

When there's a bad breakup you either want nothing to do with them, or you bombard them with messages to resolve the problem. It's incredibly difficult to give your ex space when there's an obvious misunderstanding that caused the breakup.

You want to clear things up so you press and press and press -- Keep sending messages until they start to ignore you. You want to find a middle ground. Don't ignore your ex, but you do want to monitor the frequency of your messages.

View The Relationship From Their Perspective

Step out of you point of view and try, the best you can, to step into their shoes. How do they view the relationship. What to they really want and need to hear?

When you gain this added perspective you become a better problem solver.

Be Aware Of Consequences

If you do decide to ignore the advice from The Magic Of Making Up and take an action that is considered a mistake be prepared for the consequences. If you call too much, be prepared to have your calls ignored.

If you visit them unannounced, be prepared for a very unpleasant reception. Know the consequences of your actions, because your ex will react to every step you take. You want to make sure their reactions are in your favor.

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