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Magic Of Making Up blog tips, articles and videos to help get your ex back. Below is helpful advice to save your relationship and win back your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Look Inside The Magic Of Making Up

Search inside the Magic Of Making Up guide and view a chapter by chapter review of the entire program.

Magic Of Making Up Opening Letter

The Magic Of Making Up opening letter is designed to erase a lot of common mistakes people make after a bad breakup. View examples...

How Does The Magic Of Making Up Work?

How does the magic of making up work and what are the first steps to saving your relationship or reconciling after a breakup?

Should I Make Changes For My Ex?

When your relationship is in trouble, or if you've already separated, you start searching for ways to fix the problem. Is it you?

Why Do We Keep Breaking Up?

Everyone has experienced a relationship where they breakup, but find themselves back together several months later. Some can patch the problems and work towards a long term relationship.

Why Do Men Cheat On Their Girlfriends?

Men are often stereotyped as simplistic and against commitment, but reality isn't quite that simple.

Get Over A Breakup

If you're trying to get over a breakup you may feel overwhelmed with grief. How do you stop the cycle of depression and move forward?

Save My Marriage From Divorce

I want to save my marriage from divorce but I don't know what to do. There's a sense of urgency and, quite honestly, fear when it comes to divorce.

Get Back Your Ex After A Breakup

To get back your ex after a breakup you have to avoid common but disastrous mistakes and follow a proven path to success.

Signs You're About To Breakup

If you're trying to get back together after a breakup it's important to know how to talk to your ex.

How To Talk To Your Ex

If you're trying to get back together after a breakup it's important to know how to talk to your ex.

My Girlfriend's Family Hates Me

My girlfriend's family hates me and are telling her not to take me back. What should I do?

Should I Call My Ex Girlfriend

Should I call my ex girlfriend and tell her I want to get back together? What if she's upset or doesn't want to talk?

I Cheated On My Girlfriend

I cheated on my girlfriend and I want her back. So what do you do? How bad is the situation and can you save the relationship?

Reasons Causing A Breakup

There are nuances to every relationship and breakup that make them unique but many breakups fall in to two of the most common situations. Below are two common reasons causing a breakup.

Tips From The Magic Of Making Up

When trying to reconcile people often get stuck in the "I don't know what to do" phase. Some get frustrated, angry or become overwhelmed with depression.

How To Compromise While Arguing

Most couples don't know how to compromise while arguing, leading to never ending squabbles that creates constant tension.

How To Stop A Divorce

When the papers are filed, you're going to feel desperate for answers on how to stop a divorce.

My Ex Doesn't Return My Text Messages

What do you do if your ex doesn't return text messages? How do you get them to start talking again?

Why Won't My Ex Take Me Back?

My ex broke up with me but I don't want the relationship to end. Why won't my ex take me back? I've tried talking to them but they say it's over, what should I do?

The Five Stages Of Grief After A Breakup

Understanding the five stages of grief following a breakup can help avoice common but damaging mistakes.

Important Tips To Get A Boyfriend Back

Saving a relationship is a delicate process. Here's three tips to avoid disaster and get a boyfriend back.

I'm Depressed After My Breakup

I'm depressed after my breakup, I want to get back together but don't know what to do.

My Girlfriend Left Me For Her Ex

My girlfriend left me for her ex. I want her back but I'm depressed and don't know what to do.

How To Settle Argument With A Girlfriend

Most guys don't know how or don't want to settle an argument with a girlfriend if it means admitting they were wrong.

Is My Relationship Over

Is my relationship over or just in trouble? Need advice on how to get back together.

My Girlfriend Kicked Me Out

My girlfriend kicked me out and I want her back. What's the first thing I should do? Well this is what you don't do...

How To Fix A Bad Relationship

Many people feel helpless when someone they love starts to drift away, because they honestly don't know how to fix a bad relationship.

My Boyfriend Just Broke Up With Me

My boyfriend just broke up with me but I don't want to break up. He says it's over and doesn't want to work out our problems. What can I do?

Get Your Girlfriend To Come Back In Three Steps

To get your girlfriend to come back you have to set up the proper conditions. If you don't know how to lower her defenses you'll never get her back.

Advice On Getting Your Boyfriend Back

What's the best advice on getting your boyfriend back? Well, first don't beg or lie to him because that won't get him to come back.

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back After Cheating

My girlfriend won't talk or even look at me, so how do you get your girlfriend back after cheating?

Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend

How do you get back together with your ex boyfriend? What if they don't want to give the relationship another chance and don't return your phone calls?

My Wife Left Me How Do I Get Her Back

My wife left me how do I get her back. I've tried calling and begging, but she says it's over. When faced with the reality of losing your wife and family, it can leave you feeling depressed and a little desperate.

Can I Save My Relationship?

Can I save my relationship if my ex doesn't want to get back together? What if we haven't spoken in months or even years?

How To Make Up With Your Boyfriend

If you're tying to make up with your boyfriend, it's very important to understand what makes men want to leave and abandon the relationship.

How Can I Win My Ex Boyfriend Back?

How can I win my ex boyfriend back after we've already had a break up? We haven't talked in a while, so what should I do?

Is My Boyfriend Going To Break Up With Me?

Is my boyfriend going to break up with me? We don't talk or spend as much time together so I think he might want to break up.

Why Did My Boyfriend Break Up With Me?

Why did my boyfriend breakup with me? I still don't know what went wrong and why he decided to leave.

Will My Husband Come Back To Me?

My husband left and wants a divorce. Will my husband come back to me and what should I do?

My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me And I Want Her Back

My girlfriend broke up with me today and I want to get her back. What do I need to do or say to bring her back?

How Do You Fix A Long Distance Relationship?

How do you fix a long distance relationship if your partner won't tell you what's wrong or return your messages?

I Want My Ex Wife Back

I want my ex wife back but she says it's over. How can I get her back and what should I do?

I Dumped My Girlfriend Now I Want Her Back

I dumped my girlfriend, now I want her back. How can I convince her to come back after I broke up with her?

My Girlfriend Left Me For Another Guy

My girlfriend left me for another guy and I don't know what I should do to win her back.

How To Make My Boyfriend Come Back

How can I make my boyfriend come back to me? He broke up with me and won't return my calls.

I Just Got Dumped By My Girlfriend

I just got dumped by my girlfriend. What should I say to get her back and save our relationship?

I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back But He Has A Girlfriend

I want my boyfriend back but he has a girlfriend. What should I do to get him back? I really miss being together with him.

How To Get A Boyfriend Back After Cheating

I don't know how to get a boyfriend back after cheating. Will he ever give the relationship another chance?

My Boyfriend Left Me For Another Woman

My boyfriend left me for another woman and I want him back. What should I do to get him back?

How To Get An Old Boyfriend Back

What's the first thing you should do when you want to know how to get an old boyfriend back?

Why Doesn't My Ex Want To Talk To Me Anymore?

Why doesn't my ex want to talk to me anymore? It's a painful, depressing situation when someone you love completely ignores you.

Will My Ex Take Me Back?

A lot of people struggle with the question, Will my ex take me back, because they don't understand how to rekindle the positive memories from their relationship.

Advice For Men After Cheating

Cheating can damage your relationship and break up your family overnight. Although cheating creates a sense of betrayal, many couples are able to reconcile and move forward with their relationship. Read some critical advice for men after cheating.

My Girlfriend Just Dumped Me

Being dumped is incredibly painful especially if you didn't see the breakup coming. You may be feeling depressed, but if you're in the initial stages it also means you haven't committed any major mistakes yet.

I'm Feeling Depressed After My Breakup

If you're struggling with depression after your breakup, these two effective tips can help you cope.

My Ex Doesn't Have Feelings For Me Anymore

One of the more painful statements someone can hear is "I don't care about you anymore". Although the words can break your heart a second time, it doesn't always convey your ex's true intentions.

How To Save My Marriage

Marital problems and boyfriend-girlfriend problems are similar in nature but to a different degree. Past arguments and issues can make a marriage in trouble a much more difficult problem to solve.

I Want My Boyfriend Back

If you're stuck in the "I want my boyfriend back" zone, you need to take evasive action before the relationship reaches a definitive end.

My Boyfriend Dumped Me By Text Message

If you've received the dreaded text message breakup, you should take advantage of what little leverage you have left.

A Critical Mistake When Trying To Get Your Ex Back

One of the more damaging mistakes usually happens at a critical point in the reconciliation. You've regained their trust and are back on good terms which sets up this very common mistake when trying to get your ex back.

Why Did My Girlfriend Dump Me?

Understanding the true reasons behind your breakup is vital to your reconciliation. If you know what your girlfriend wants and needs from a boyfriend, you're one step closer to saving your relationship.

My Girlfriend Won't Return My Calls

You desperately want to talk and resolve your problems. But you can't even get your girlfriend to return you calls. Avoiding a massive mistake most men make can save you weeks or months of problems.

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back - Rule #1

You want to get your girlfriend back but you don't know how. What's the first rule? Where do I start? Avoiding the most common mistakes can save you prolonged hearthache.

Understanding Why Your Boyfriend Dumped You

Men have a dominant motivator in common and it's not sex. Understanding how men think and behave can help you understand why your boyfriend dumped you.

One Phrase You Should Never Say After A Breakup

Breakups can be incredibly traumatic which often leads to a state of depression. This scenario often creates a loss of hope which urges you to utter one phrase you should never say.

My Boyfriend Cheated On Me With My Best Friend

What should you do if your boyfriend cheated on you with your best friend? One relationship actually has a much higher success rate when it comes to reconciliation.

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Take You Back

Most men don't know how to get your girlfriend to take you back after a bad breakup. Do you know the absolute first step? It seems simple on the surface, but it's a little more complicated than most expect.

How To Use Persuasion Tactics - Scarcity

Can you influence someone to do what you want? It's not a trick, and you don't have to hypnotize your ex. The application of proven persuasion tactics can help you save your relationship.

How Does Relationship Counseling Work?

A relationship counselor can help you talk through your problems without causing further damage to your relationship. But what can you do when your partner doesn't want any type of counseling.

I Dumped My Boyfriend, Now I Want Him Back

What do you do if you asked for a breakup then decided you want your boyfriend back? The circumstances are different from an unwanted breakup you didn't ask for.

My Ex Girlfriend Is Dating Someone New

When your ex girlfriend starts dating someone new, you begin to panic which leads to irrational decisions and behavior.

Will Our Relationship Ever Be The Same?

After a breakup you look back on your relationship and realize how much you want things to go back to the way they were. But will your relationhip ever be the same?

The Biggest Mistake Men Make After A Breakup

After an unexpected breakup the lack of understanding can lead to numerous mistakes. But what's the biggest mistake most men make?

What Does Every Man Need To Hear?

Men and women need to hear different things during and after a relationship. Women respond to statements that make them feel appreciated. But what do men want to hear?

3 Tips After A Bad Breakup

A bad breakup often leads to bad decisions that hurt your chances for a reconcilation. Read three tips after a breakup.

Should I Tell My Ex Boyfriend I'm Pregnant?

After a breakup your communication is damaged and you're faced with a difficult problem if you're pregnant.

Are There Tricks To Get An Ex Back?

You may feel tempted to create an emergency to trick your ex back, but it usually leads to a much larger problem.

My Ex's Friends Are Against Me

When your ex has several friends that don't want you to reconcile it can make your life miserable.

What's The Next Step Of The Magic Of Making Up

Beginning the process to save your relationship without knowing the second or third step of the Magic Of Making Up can lead to prolonged heartache.

Why Can't I Tell My Ex How Much I Miss Them?

You want your ex back, and you think telling them how much you miss them will save your relationship. But a direct confession often pushes your ex further away.

The Urgency Of Reconciling A Family

When your relationship ends, the interests of your children can add a tremendous amount of pressure to your decisions and actions.

Getting Your Ex Back Is Not A Game

It begins to feel like a game after a breakup, but the stakes are very high and breakups are not a lot of fun. Your attempt to reconcile can be very strategic but it's not a game.

Can You Save Your Relationship If Your Ex Doesn't Want To?

Most breakups end the relationship on bad terms which creates a scenario where one person wants to reconcile but the other doesn't. Can you save this kind of relationship?

Avoiding Depression After A Breakup

It's important to avoid depression after a breakup if you hope to reconcile with your ex.

Dating Others While Separated

The decision to date others while separated can make your ex jealous if handled properly.

Does Your Ex Hate You After A Breakup?

Immediately after a breakup there is a buildup of tension that led to the breakup. Your actions can often compound their anger, but it doensn't mean your ex hates you.

How To Change Your Ex's Mind After A Breakup

The ultimate goal after a breakup is to change your ex's mind, but most take the wrong approach.

Don't Make Drastic Changes After A Breakup

A common reaction after a breakup is to make large, drastic changes but it isn't always the best solution.

What Does Your Ex Want To Hear After A Breakup

Knowing what your ex wants to hear after a breakup will give you the upper hand when trying to reconcile.

The Biggest Mistake After A Breakup

Some mistakes following a breakup can be devastating. Read the biggest and most common mistake people make after a breakup.

How To Get My Boyfriend Back When He's Moved On

When you don't know the answer to how to get my boyfriend back when he's moved on it's easy to make mistakes. Read five tips to help get your ex back without looking desperate.

How To Get Back Together With My Ex

Getting back together with your ex is never easy. Following these three steps can win back their affection without begging or pleading.

Does My Ex Want To Get Back With Me? How To Tell

Does my ex want to get back with me? It's a question everyone asks, but how do you know if their intentions are true or just a game?

More: Does My Ex Want To Get Back With Me?

Why Rebound Relationships Never Last

A lot of people seeking relationship advice are in the situation where their ex is dating someone new.

The Magic Of Making Up Guide provides insight into things you should never do in this scenario. Being too aggressive can backfire and ruin your chances of getting back together.

A panic sets in when your ex starts dating, but understanding the reason why we enter rebound relationships and why they fail can help ease your anxiety.

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